Q: Is your beef 100% grass fed?

A: Yes our animals are grass fed from birth to your plate, We have them on irrigated pasture in the summer and in hill ground during the winter. At no point do we feed them grains or any animal byproduct.

Q: What type of animals do you have?

A: Our herd is Angus and Angus cross breeds. Angus breeds are some of the most popular breeds for producing beef, with their high quality of meat, marbling, texture, and with ours having an all grass fed diet it gives it a distinct flavor unto its own.

Q: Do you use any growth hormones?

A: No, we do not use any growth hormones whatsoever. Our animals are raised at their natural rate of growth, eating as much or as little as they choose.

Q: Why is grass fed beef more expensive than conventionally raised or grain fed beef?

A: The main reason is because it takes 6-12 months longer to raise and more land to feed cattle with a completely grass fed diet to get it to the optimal weight. In contrast, with a conventional operation, cattle are normally packed on a feedlot where hundreds and even thousands of animals can be raised on each acre of land in confined pens.